Biological Society of Pakistan is a pioneer scientific body of life sciences in Pakistan and is engaged in the promotion of learning and research in biology in the region which has been acknowledged at global scale in terms of contribution in classical as well as in emerging modern technological aspects of the biological sciences.

The society was started with a charter having the following objectives:

  1. The society shall be called Biological Society of Pakistan.
  2. The head quarter of the society shall be located in Biological Laboratories of Government College, Lahore, Pakistan.
  3. The object of the society shall be promotion of the cause of Biological sciences in Pakistan
  4. The society shall try to realize these objectives by :
  • The publication of the journal to be called, Pakistan Journal of Biology.
  • Holding meetings, seminars and congresses to discuss biological problems.
  • Creating facilities for original research in Biological sciences.

This society with the above charter was registered under Societies Act XXI of 1860 of the Punjab on 10th day of April, 1955. A total of 142 scientists from all over Pakistan were enrolled initially.
Mian Afzal Hussain, was elected as the first president with DR. Nazir Ahmad, secretary and Mr. Sher Ahmad Lodhi, as its Treasurer. This society was mainly concerned with the promotion of learning and research in biology. However, in 1955, the scientists and teachers working in the department of Botany, Zoology, Government College, Lahore and that of Punjab University decided to rename the society as Biological Society of Pakistan and to publish a regular research journal. Dr. Ahsan-ul-Islam was assigned the job of framing the by laws of the society and Dr. M. Saleem was assigned the task of enrollment of the members of the society. Dr. Sultan Ahmad with Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad took over the responsibilities of looking after the publication of the journal.